The James & Roselyn McRae Sr. Memorial Basketball Arena is now open in Hampton, VA.

We offer an NBA sized outdoor basketball / multisport court. We are located at 535 Harriett Street Hampton, VA 23669, parking will be located at the American Legion Post 31, located at 4020 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, VA 23669.
We are a 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

We are looking for sports teams to compete at this facility. We are also looking for referees, scorekeepers, security, landscapers, personal trainers, entertainers, painters, mentors for youth, coaches, medical personel, and announcers.

Being outdoors, this facility is great when the weather is good, trees shade the court in the evening to create a wonderful basketball climate and the experience of some of the most exciting street basketball you will see in Hampton, VA.

Other entertainment we offer is outdoor movie nights, musical entertainment, forums, boxing, aerobics, volleyball, tennis, inline skating, skateboarding, dunk contests, skills challenges, 3-point shootouts, ESPN highlights, gymnastics, dancing, and yoga!! We seat 300 people and there is plenty of standing room.

We are located online at and see us on Facebook at Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC. We want to be a positive place for children and families so no rude and inconsiderate behavior will be tolerated!! The facility has bathrooms and a concession stand, and flea market vendors welcomed!!
Please call Jamen Mainor at 1 (912) 531 - 4476 for information
or email me at

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